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You know a lot of my clients ask me, John what’s a deposition?
Well, you know what? A deposition is just a fancy word for a sworn statement.
What happens in every case that’s filed in court, is depositions will be taken and these are simply the opportunity for attorneys to take the sworn statements of any witnesses or participants in the case.
Don’t worry, if we represent you in a case, before you go to a deposition we’ll have you thoroughly prepared.
If you have any questions about this always give us a call, we’ll be happy to go over it with you!

You know one of the first questions people ask when they come to my office is, John if I file a claim for my automobile accident injuries does that mean I’m going to have to go to court?
Well, you know what the reality is that only about 5% of the cases that are actually ever filed make it to the Courtroom.
It depends a lot on what happens when you hire an attorney.
A lot of attorneys will go ahead and file suit immediately in a case sometimes this is a strategy call and sometimes it’s done because that’s the way the attorney personally likes to do it in their office. We don’t take that philosophy
We try hard at every juncture to work the case up so that you can get a settlement before you have to file a lawsuit.
We always try to get your case resolved to your satisfaction before you have to go to court
If you have any questions about this. Always give us a call we’ll be happy to go over with you

If you own an automobile, in other words you’re on the title and you loan your car to a friend, and your friend causes a horrible accident where
people are injured, you know what? You’re responsible. Even if you weren’t there or didn’t know anything about it.
You’ve got to be extremely careful who you loan your car to. If you loan your car to someone and they create an accident; you could be on the hook for all of the injuries and damages that were caused. So be careful!
Don’t loan your car to someone if you don’t trust how they drive and if they don’t have their own insurance policy. If they have their own policy, that policy will contribute to any damages they may cause. If they live in the house with you, you should make sure they’re an insured driver on the policy
If they’re going to be using your vehicle. If you have any questions about
This always, give us a call, We’ll be happy to go over it with you!
It’s an important part of the Florida law that you should know, before you loan your car to another person.

You know one of the most disturbing cases I see, are nursing home neglect cases
And, I’ve got to tell you a tip that I think is so important.
Everyone who has a relative in the nursing home should understand this.
A lot of times relatives are simply afraid to voice their opinion to the nursing home staff.
They’re afraid the relative will be evicted from the nursing home.
Believe me you do not want this to be a situation where you don’t say enough and your mother or father gets poor treatment as a result.
Be vocal, raise questions, they are not going to kick you out of the nursing home just because you ask questions.
The rule in a nursing home is this… the squeaky wheel gets the oil. That’s as simple as it gets.
Be proactive, ask questions, make sure you voice your concerns. There is never a time when you can be overly concerned about your mother or father if they’re in a nursing home.
Remember if you have any questions about this or any other legal subject give us a call, We’re here to help you get the benefits you deserve; Get yourself a lawyer.

A statute of limitations is simply a rule that’s been put into law to limit the amount of time you have to file a claim. In Florida we can look in the
statutes and determine the amount of time that you would have to file a particular claim. For automobile accidents or other types of general injury claims, the statute is four years, meaning that from the day of the accident you have four years in which to file a claim in court. Otherwise you’ll lose your right forever to file that claim.
Accident claims depend on witnesses and evidence that can disappear quickly. So you should not waste any time
Before starting your claim. if you’ve been hurt you ought to start your claim right away! That gives your lawyer the ability to gather evidence, get sworn statements, and lock your case in.
Don’t let the time run on you, it’s important that you get started right away on an accident claim!
If you have any questions about this, always give us a call we’ll be happy to go over it with you!

When we get a case that’s been going on for months before we become involved, sometimes there’s so much medical treatment bills involved with it that we cannot make a claim that will pay all the bills.
Now this is a problem for accident claims these days. It’s important to medically manage your claim
Iif you have an automobile accident and are treating a case where you’re making an insurance claim does that mean you should stop treating… absolutely not. But, it means you have to have a lawyer that understands how to medically manage the bills in your case so that they do not outpace your claim, In other words perhaps your claim needs to be settled or resolved before your medical bills get so far ahead of it that you can’t come out on it.
You could always continue to treat after you settle your case, but the bottom line is if you have so many medical bills that you can’t recover them at that point in time there won’t be much of a claim left for you to have.
Remember if you have any questions about this or any other legal subject, give us a call we’re here to help you get the benefits you deserve. Get yourself a lawyer!

We all have case managers and legal assistants working in our firms but if you have an automobile accident claim
You need to be able to talk with your attorney.
You need to have your attorney explain to you the law and understand completely from your attorney what he’s going to do to protect and ensure that you get a settlement that you deserve.
There’s never a reason that you should have a case and not know who your attorney is, NEVER!
Don’t be involved in a case if you haven’t spoken with your attorney
Remember if you have any questions about this or any other legal subject give us a call. We’re here to help you get the benefits you deserve. Get yourself a lawyer!

There are times when you simply just do not have the need for an attorney,
But, it’s something that you will not know because you’re not in the business.
If you’re trying to handle a claim yourself, it may be the most frustrating experience you’ve ever had because you’re going to be against someone who has vast experience. You’re going to get outgunned in most situations.
Let your attorney handle the insurance adjustor. We handle
Insurance adjusters every day. I’ve been fighting big insurance for 32
Years. I know a lot of their tricks and will help you handle them.
If you have any questions about this or any other legal subject give us a call. We’re here to help you!
Get the benefits you deserve!
Get yourself a lawyer!

It’s always an argument for the insurance adjuster for the other driver to say… well you had this claim, you had this accident once before, and now it’s the same old thing.
That’s not necessarily true. If you had problems before that lingered and never fully healed, we need to be able to show how the
Current accident has made those problems worse. When you have an accident that injures your back, even though you had a back injury before, you’re often able to show how the injury has been made worse or how the condition has gotten worse because of the current accident.
It can be complicated and it takes time to sort out the medical records, but don’t be afraid to talk to a lawyer just because you’ve had an accident before.
Remember, if you have any questions about this or any other legal subject, give us a call!
We’re here to help you!
Get the benefits you deserve!
get yourself a lawyer!

When you’re at an accident scene and you’re photographing or videoing
here’s some things to look out for:
Number One check and see if there are skid marks that you can photograph. Lots of times you’ll see skid marks on the road.
Make sure you photograph the interior of a vehicle if you can to see if there’s any damage that would show impact of a person into a dashboard, a windshield, or other parts of the vehicle.
If you’re trying to take accident scene photos make sure you are not interfering with the police.
If the police ask you to leave or move, do so immediately. But, just stand back far enough where you’re out of the way and can still get photographs of the scene.
If you’re looking for a way to record these items to make your very own
Accident report, Check out our app! The John Fagan Accident App allows you to fill in all of these details and
Make recordings and photographs, combine them into a report and email them directly to yourself or to your

One of those common cases I see is a fall down case, I commonly called
a slip and fall. These usually take place on a commercial premises like a store.
What we have to show in a case like that is important to know in advance.
Just because you fall on somebody’s property, doesn’t mean they’re responsible for you falling and getting injured.
When you’re on someone’s property and you fall, you’re responsible to show that there’s a dangerous condition that existed that caused your fall and that the property owner knew or should have known about it reasonably, so that it could have been repaired before the fall took place.
The common example you see in a slip and fall case for instance is in a grocery store where there’s liquid on the floor. In that case, we would have to show that the liquid was on the floor due to the negligence of the store, and existed long enough there so that the store should have known about it.
If you’re in a slip-and-fall accident, it’s important for you to photograph the scene if you’re able. Of course if you’re too hurt that’s one thing, but if somebody’s with you, immediately have them photograph the scene of the accident.
Look for things that would show that the condition that caused them to fall was there for a period of time longer than a few minutes.
Whenever you’re there try to photograph the scene, photograph anything you think will help when it comes time for us to make a case.
If you have any questions about this or any other legal subject give us a call! We’re here to help you! Get the benefits you deserve! Get yourself a lawyer!

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Paul Wheat
Paul Wheat
19:06 07 Jan 19
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Dawn Battle
Dawn Battle
18:56 07 Jan 19
Had a wonderful experience at The Fagan Law Firm! Mr. Daze was wonderful to work with, full of wisdom and helped me get my settlement quickly. Would use this law firm again!read more
Maria Galarza
Maria Galarza
15:00 13 Nov 18
My experience was not very pleasant, first we were new clients without any experience about car accidents for that reason we did not know how the process will be or how long that could last. When we started the process we never got explained step by step how will work. We expected more communication from the person in charge of the case in our case was Adrianne, She never answered a call and when I sent emails I did not get an answer on time, most of the time it took more than 48 hours for her to respond and I was not pleased with the answer of my question (leaving me with doubts about what I was asking) when the case of property damage part was finally over with her, the case goes on demand for the insurer which never I saw some copy but I have to clarify that Mrs Daphne nail was very kind.read more
Kristen Rosepiler
Kristen Rosepiler
22:41 19 Oct 18
First off, if I could give Daphne ZERO stars, I would. She was terrible with communication! She could never accept a phone call, I always had to leave messages that she never returned, and didn't even call me on SCHEDULED conference calls. The three stars is only because of my beginning experiences..... My case was transferred to Adrienne, if you have a case here, REQUEST HER. She was such a breath of fresh air. She kept me updated via email about everything. I understand that a lot of phone tag happens during these cases, but she kept me updated on everything. Not a week went by that she didn't tell me what was going on. She fought very hard for me to get my bills and med pay down so that my settlement was better. In the end, she turned an awful experience into a good one. She definitely deserves 5 stars!! Thanks!read more
Chaos with the Christopher's
Chaos with the Christopher's
13:07 09 Oct 18
I don't reccomend this attorney at all. They drug my case out for 6 years. I went 8m without them contacting me. They aren't genuinely for you. I was told that my case wasn't putting any money in their pockets. That's when I knew I had to fire them. 6 years too long! I reccomend Byrd & Byrd!read more
Rand Peterson
Rand Peterson
17:26 28 Aug 17
John Fagan did an exceptional job in dealing with my accident claim. Daphne was also a key player in the settlement that I received. I would definitely use John Fagan (and Daphne) again if the need would ever arise in the future.read more
Joan Brackin
Joan Brackin
22:08 28 Jun 17
The challenges that my daughter has experienced since her car accident last summer have been many. This law firm and their supportive staff have always had an open ear and were only a phone call or email away to answer questions regarding getting her the medical help that she has needed. I highly recommend this group of people to be there in your time of need.read more
Alicia Williams
Alicia Williams
18:32 28 Jun 17
I highly recommend John Fagan for your personal injury lawyer. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. They are always a phone call away ready to address any of your cares and concerns. When you first meet with John Fagan he makes you feel comfortable and confident he will do the best job he can for you.read more
Rick Bartley
Rick Bartley
18:10 28 Jun 17
So far top notch group of staff. From account manager's that are on top of it and get answers quick to John Fagan being available when needed. Couldn't ask for a better law firm to represent my case.read more
Sandra Danner
Sandra Danner
22:56 23 Jun 17
I really wish I had called John Fagan firm to be on my side a couple years ago after an accident. I did not hire any representation and have always felt like the insurance company cheated me from a fair settlement. It was a time I needed to feel like I had family on my side and everyone at this law firm will treat you like family. John is an especially amazing community advocate. Don't make the mistake I did! Call John Fagan law firm today!read more
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