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Car Accident Lawyer Serving Palatka,
Orange Park and Middleburg in Florida

When a car accident occurs, it is a frightening time for all involved. Your property is damaged, and injuries may occur during the accident. Even worse, death could occur. Being prepared for a car accident and working with a Florida car accident lawyer when a crash does occur can help you get the compensation you deserve.

No-Fault Car Accident Laws in Florida

A Florida car accident lawyer will work with you to help you determine who was at fault during your car crash. Florida is a no-fault state in regards to car accidents. This means that you will need to contact your insurance company for payment of your vehicle damages and injuries even if you were not at fault during the accident.

Car accident claims serving the Orange Park, Palatka, and Middleburg, Florida area can be filed against another driver if the permanent injury has occurred from the accident or if there has been scarring or disfigurement from the crash. This will allow you to work with a Florida car accident lawyer to file a suit outside the boundaries of the no-fault system in the state. You may also have the option to file a liability claim or personal injury suit depending on the circumstance of the case. An attorney can advise you on what your legal rights are when it comes to a car accident claim and help you navigate the legal system for your case.

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